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At Rhino Onward we help businesses, professional athletes, inventions move ONWARD. What this means is so many great ideas fail or never cross the finish line. We buy into your unique story and then invest our resources and networks into that story to achieve success for all parties. We are in the business of collaboration and creating Win Wins for everyone involved. Paul Thomas Croft is the founder & CEO of Rhino ONWARD who is a serial entrepreneur. Paul is the founder & CEO of CROFT Enterprises (2008) which is an integrated financial & tax consulting firm located in Minneapolis & Chicago. He is the founder and CEO of george DEAN (2012), which is a fund that focuses on investing in: Bio tech, Commercial real estate, Angel investments, M & A, & Venture Capitalism. Paul also is the founder & CEO of Business Networking Connection (2005) – Edina, also known as BNC, which will also have a location in Chicago soon, Scottsdale, & London. Paul is also an owner in a invention, which is called, The Thumb Spinner.

Paul was very intrigued with a meeting he was negotiating with a CEO of a very large company, in their discussion Paul was telling his future client that he can help them cross the finish line & wanted to get reengaged with their company. The CEO explained an analogy to Paul, which would be become part of the MANTRA of of Rhino ONWARD. Paul, “there are certain people who fly a plane well at 30,000 feet, and other manager who work really well at 10,000 feet, when the previous mentioned come down from 30,000 feet to say 20,000 feet they become ineffective, so it’s the mangers who fly at 10,000 feet to push the person from 20,000 feet back to 30,000 feet. Then there are others that land the plan.” That’s the moment when Paul realized that he knows how to land the plane. Paul was awarded the job as consultant with this company.


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